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New way and new techniques

This unique style of advertising helps you to touch yours customers soul as our caption implies..Usually business men complaints about the lack of expected benefits even when they spends too much percentage of money for advertisement purpose. As we said this is simply the failure of mode of advertisement.

Here we provides new platform for them to reach out their clients by capturing their attention to the advertisement printed either on coffee or tea cup. Usually drinking a cup of tea or coffee would takes 4 to 7 minutes approx; when they provided with printed cups; their focus will be shifted to the printed add too during their leisure times and it would stored to their short term memory when they exposed with this cups frequently.

About Us

Grow and Skyrocket your business

prospects with paper cup advertising..

Tea cup advertising is a novel way of advertising. We design and deliver your ads in customized paper cups in our wide network of IT parks, Colleges ,tea stalls, malls, multiplexes etc, which can accelerate your business prospects sky-high.


your audience directly..

You are just a teacup away from your target audience. Through Red Cherry ads we drive you a step closer to your target group. We assist you to create an indelible impression in their minds with the unique paper cup ads we implement.

Eco-friendly approach

for your planet...

Paper cup ads are perhaps the safest and secure method of branding for your business, compared to the use of synthetic flux and other conventional means of advertising. We care for our planet earth and we advocate the use of eco-friendly paper cups for all our brand endorsements.


Red cherry adds helps to create an innovative and an economical way of advertising to the clients to reach out their target customers.


Red cherry’s adds is a partnership firm started at Calicut; it is an advertising venture aiming to provide quality advertisement in reasonable cost.



Budget friendly